Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Restaurant fires happen each year and cause a huge number of losses in property damages and sometimes even cause deaths. The greater part of restaurant fires start in the kitchen, and keeping your kitchen free from grease and fire-safe is the basic kitchen safety requirement.

At Bright Homes Dryer Vent & Duct Cleaning, we offer proficient kitchen hood cleaning as per IKECA (International Kitchen Cleaning Association). By following these standards, we make sure the kitchen is free from all kinds of grease, debris, and pollutants that collect in, on, and around the parts of a kitchen hood exhaust system.

Why You Need Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Restaurant fires are frequently connected with dirty kitchen hoods, which is the reason you need to hire Bright Homes Dryer Vent & Duct cleaning for your kitchen ventilation cleaning. You have to be proactive with restaurant kitchen hood cleaning for the safety of your workers, clients, and property.

Clear Blockage

There is more than smoke getting away into your kitchen hood—grease and particulate development are usually found in the exhaust system as well. Without proper cleaning, your kitchen exhaust system allows the buildup of grease and different kinds of microorganisms as well. These germs have to be nowhere near the food. Cleaning the blockage in your kitchen ventilation system lessens fire risks and mechanical failure, saving you from extra expense in the long run.

It is the Law

Kitchen exhaust cleaning in each commercial cooking establishment in the country is required by law. In the event that your restaurant is going through an examination and the whole kitchen is completely cleaned. However, the exhaust system stays dirty; you probably will not pass. To make sure your kitchen exhausts are cleaned, call our experts at Bright Homes Dryer Vent & Duct cleaning right away.

Limit Health Hazards

Without kitchen hood cleaning, possibly hazardous particulates can escape into your restaurant’s air, bringing down the air quality and possibly affecting the health of your employees and your clients as well. Cleaning your kitchen exhaust system gives a protected and clean climate for employees and clients and, at the same time improving the overall indoor air quality.

How Frequently Should Your Restaurant Kitchen Hood Be Cleaned?

Standard maintenance as per IKECA and NFPA-96 will improve system effectiveness and increase the overall life of your kitchen equipotent. This will also limit functional failures and the related lost incomes. The sort of volume of cooking repetition is a deciding element in how regularly you should clean your kitchen exhaust system.

Month to Month: Any systems serving hard fuel cooking activities should be cleaned each month.

Quarterly: Organizations working on a 24-hour plan that cook high volumes of food need to have their systems examined and cleaned up at regular intervals.

Semi-Annually: Restaurants, for the most part with a sit-down environment, that cook food at moderate levels need to have their systems checked two times every year.